The Scales

7th Sign of the Zodiac

Born: September 23- October 22


Libra you are always looking for that balance in life and

when you have it you are very powerful at everything you

do. You ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love. You

may have a very active love life and you are either

always trying to put to people together as a match maker

or you’re only focused on the next best thing for yourself.

You are very artistic Libra, you know how to play the

game and win by the rules when it comes to business.

You compatible star signs are Leo , Gemini , Aquarius,

and Sagittarius.

Your least compatible star signs are Cancer, Capricorn,

Taurus, and Aries.

Your Luckiest day is Thursday, so don’t forget to leave

all business appointments during that time.

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