Dream Dictionary Journal Records Keeping

A dream dictionary is known to give dream meanings. It is very important to keep a dream dictionary journal record for yourself. This is something that you will always cherish. It will lead to you writing your dreams and then the outcome of your dreams. You can look back on previous dates to find your dreams, this journal record will be very useful to keep for yourself.

Dream Dictionary Journal Searching

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First you must understand how to interpret your dreams with a astrology dream dictionary.
If you need to locate your actual dream implications, then start by keeping a dream diary by your bedside. Record your dream when you wake up. Record everything. Little points of interest hold privileged insights, so record everything before it slips your mind!
Then begin toward the start and record each part of the dream separately (i.e. individuals, occasions, objects, and so on.) followed by what they help you to remember, or what they influence you to consider. This is free affiliation, so just acknowledge the main thing that rings a bell. If you feel a sudden feeling, or feeling of “Oh Yeah!”, then you have addressed something critical. You are drawing nearer to your actual dream meaning.

Return to your Dream Journal later and ponder what you recorded before. It will most likely be pertinent to what’s going on in your life at the present time. Now and then it takes multi day or two to get it. You may find yourself considering or accomplishing something that helps you to remember your dream. Then the importance of the dream may abruptly turn out to be clear. Dreams contain pearls of knowledge, crisp perspectives, and new associations that you would otherwise miss. You can go to the Dream Journal Questions for Analysis and Interpretation to break down your dream further.

Regardless of whether you don’t comprehend your dream immediately, that is OK. In some cases it isn’t the most critical thing. If you focus on your dreams through dream work and reflection, you will hone your instinct and passionate awareness. This makes you more grounded as a general rule and causes you to remain focused on what is essential to you in life. Your dreams can assist you with being all the more consistent with yourself because you tune in to that more profound part of yourself. The part of yourself that addresses you in your dreams.

Adding onto your Dream Dictionary Journal

Official Astrology Junction Dream Dictionary:



Here are a few inquiries to incorporate into your dream diary for further investigation and translation of your dreams. These inquiries will enable you to comprehend the connection between your dreams and your cognizant existence reality.


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1. What is the inclination of the dream?

2. What is occurring in my life at the present time and how can it identify with my dream?

3. Who are the general population that I know in this dream?

4. What do I like or abhorrence about them?

5. What part do they play in my life now or previously?

6. Who are the characters who are NOT KNOWN to me?

7. What are their qualities?

8. How are these attributes applicable to my own particular experience?

9. What is the primary theme of the dream? (Pursue, Falling, Teeth, Animal, House, Flying… and so forth.)?

10. What does this component help me to remember?

11. Record any contemplations, emotions, or recollections that come to you spontaneously. Give it a chance to stream… .

12. Search these things in a dream dictionary. Read the dream dictionaries interpretation and leave an outcome portion on your dream journal so you can compare the dream dictionary interpretation of the dream and your actual outcome.

A dream dictionary will help you interpret your dreams, while a dream dictionary journal will be your own personalized dreams that you write about day by day and then write out the outcome of the next day on the bottom portion of the page. Keeping record of your dreams through your personalized journal is something very smart to do and useful, it will also lead you to a much higher understanding.

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