The Ram

1st Sign of the Zodiac

Born: March 21- April 19

Aries is known to be very

enthusiastic,courages,outspoke, and known to take the

lead on most projects. Aries is one that is always up for

doing something new and they think little about


Aries is known to get along with Leo,Taurus,Gemini, and

of course the Archer Sagittarius.

Aries doesn’t get along with Cancer,Virgo,Capricorn, and

Libra too well. Maybe if you’re an Aries and you know

one of these above signs its better for you to stay

acquainted with those people and not too close for your

own good.

Aries you have your fare share of Lucky Days which are

: Tuesdays, Mondays, Sundays, and Thursdays.

Aries are known to be great companions and are great

with friendships. Very generous and leaders and helpers

in many ways. They look at the glass always half full and

will give memorable part of their selves to any friend that

they make.

Outside an Aries may act as a go getter in a

way.Someone that is the first to say yes, but sometimes

they are doing this to shield their insecurities and get

something over with.

Aries needs to be more honest in such doings and

believe in ones confidence alone without anyone else’s

approval. That is the first step  to moving forward!

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